If I had a Million Dollars: Spring Wish List

It's Spring!!! I mean, it's technically been spring for quite some time now, but thanks to the ever-elusive weather of Chicago, it's only just started to feel like it. It's been nearly 80 degrees for the past few days, and although it looks like that's not going to last into the weekend, it's warm enough that I feel like I can put away my sweaters, which is cause for celebration in my book since it makes the closet so much less cluttered for a few months. It's the little things.

And speaking of little things, here's a roundup of some goodies I've got my eye on lately.

striped tee  |  primer  |  necklace  |  pitcher  |  pencils  |  pillow cover  |  matches

I have $30 in credit for Bauble Bar, so I'm thinking this necklace (that will cost me just $9 after my credit and looks like it will go with ANYTHING) is in my future. The extra-long matches are becoming more and more necessary every time I try to light a candle with a normal match at home and burn my fingers (just me?), and the pillow covers are ridiculously perfect for the spring and summer, but currently out of stock. Perhaps an actual "necessity," the primer is supposed to be great for acne-prone skin, includes a clinically proven treatment for breakouts and works as a base for makeup. I have to get my makeup done for Bridget's wedding and considering I wear nothing but a BB cream each day, I know wearing foundation even just for one day will be a disaster for my skin. Thankfully, my super fashionable and makeup savvy sister-in-law filled me in on the wonders of a primer, and it sounds like this might just do the trick.