I'm a Blog Trends Featured Blogger!

In the last couple of months, I've worked really hard to make Cakes & Louie more of a priority for myself, and let me tell you - I am loving it! I'm (virtually) meeting new friends, gaining some incredible opportunities, networking and most importantly - writing more - which was the whole point of this blog to begin with! I have always loved writing, and having this outlet has been such an awesome experience for me, so thank YOU, whoever you are, for stopping by daily or weekly or randomly or whatever to read my little blog. I am so excited to see where this site can take me, and genuinely hope you'll continue to read along.

And speaking of things I'm excited about, I am thrilled to announce that I am the current Featured Blogger over at Blog Trends! I posted a link to our pallet couch late last week, asked my friends and family on Facebook to vote for me, and thanks to all the super cool people in my life, I got the most votes within a few days! Next thing I knew, I was spending my Sunday evening filling out a questionnaire about my blog and begging the hubs to get up early this morning to take a new photo outside for me to submit with my write-up. I'm not 100% crazy about the picture, but I look giddy happy (I was) and the morning sun made my hair look all shiny so that's fun, right? ;)

My writeup went up on the Blog Trends site this afternoon, and this evening I participated in the weekly #BlogTrends Twitter chat where I connected with a bunch of bloggers and snagged a TON of great tips from others on balancing your blog with everything else in life. Needless to say, the Blog Trends community is incredible, and I am so looking forward to getting more involved with it moving forward!