Quarter Life Crisis

I'm in a rut this week friends. I'm exhausted, overwhelmed and feeling totally uninspired. On the flip side, I have some really great things ahead of me in the coming weeks, starting with an incredible event with the advisory board I'm on tomorrow evening that my awesome father in law and a good friend are joining me for. The event is at the Signature Room, where I've never been, and I'm looking forward to feeling fancy and doing some friendly networking for the foundation. I'm struggling to stay afloat, but I'm working on it!

Until I'm back with something more substantial, feel free to check out Paper & Honey's "Make Your Mark" series, where the image above came from. This chick is Talented with a capital T, and her hand lettered go-get-em phrases make me happy.

If you're having as rough of a week as I am - hang in there! We can do it.