Scenes from the Weekend

It is officially summer in Chicago, at least in my book. It was gorgeous out all weekend, the Farmer's Market is finally open for the season, and Memorial Day weekend (which will be spent in Wisconsin with friends and my awesome dad!) is just a few work days away. Despite going to bed WAY too late last night I managed to get up early enough to make myself a lunch and a smoothie to go for breakfast, and I'm crossing my fingers I get out of the office in time to make it to a class at the gym this evening. I have a feeling it's going to be a good week. Here's a little recap of my weekend on Instagram -

treated myself to some spinach and asparagus at the opening weekend of the Farmer's Market  //  Dan and Mayah taking a Sunday afternoon nap  //  a little Sunday evening DIY (will be on the blog this week!)  //  snowing flower petals //  FINALLY got a pedicure (and some new gold sandals)  //  my masterpiece from the afternoon painting class portion of Bridget's bachelorette party!

Happy Monday, friends!