The 4 C's

As I gather inspiration for this year's Summer Projects List, I'm realizing more and more that I'm leaning towards simple little projects that can still have a big impact. As with the entire time we've had our house, we've made a TON of improvements in the last year, and now I'm trying hard to keep true to my promise to the hubs that I will work towards just relaxing and enjoying our home instead of constantly trying to change things. With as much as I love crafty DIY projects, I know I will never stop making tweaks here and there, so this summer I plan to focus on just that - the little things.

The projects list is in the works, but for now, here's a few things I'm drawing inspiration from.

Cooking: One of our favorite summer meals is a pizza on the grill. My cousin taught me this little trick last year, and once we found a 99 cent pre-made dough at the grocery store that we loved, grilled pizza quickly became a dinner staple. I'm pretty sure Dan wouldn't go for this one with grilled peach and prosciutto, but it'll be perfect for an evening at home with Manda during one of his many trips in the coming months.

Crafting: With the farmer's market open, it's time to grab my yearly starter herb plants, which I will inevitably kill long before summer ends. Or maybe this will finally be the year that I have the flourishing, successful herb garden that I dream of. Fingers crossed. These cinder block planters would be super fun and simple, not to mention easily modified to fit whatever space you have.

Clarity: Positivity. A simple (and pretty painted) reminder.

Cleaning: Oh, the never-ending battle for an organized and decluttered bathroom. Absolutely at the top of my list this year. Thankfully, we have a linen closet outside of the bathroom where towels and things go, but there's still toiletries galore piled up on the sink at all times, and it drives us both insane. I'm determined to finally figure out a way to defeat the clutter!