For those of you that actually check in on me here on a regular basis, I assume it's become pretty clear by my lack of posting that I'm a bit preoccupied lately. This is largely due to two very exciting events - preparing to start my new job (next Monday!) and the bestie's wedding (THIS Saturday!) To say that I have a lot going on would be an understatement, but I'm not complaining. In fact, I am having a total blast.

While my last day at Upshot was technically last Friday, I got lucky when my boss asked if I could come in Monday to help out with a project, which meant I got to spread my goodbyes over a couple of days. Given that I cried the entire way to work on Friday and burst into tears the second I got to my car at the end of the day on Monday, I'd say it was probably a good thing that I didn't have to do all of my "see you laters!" at once. I feel so incredibly blessed to have spent the last 5 and a half years with people that were so difficult to leave. (A big giant thanks to Rachel for that gentle reminder.)

I spent the last two Friday afternoons shopping like crazy with my mom for what I'm referring to as "big girl clothes" for the new gig. While I'm totally still planning on my standard comfy and casual, I'm excited to take it up a notch with all the new pieces I've snatched up lately. Things like nice, structured dark jeans, a wear-it-with-anything black blazer, skinny black pants, and flowy blouses in fun patterns and colors. I'm pretty certain I'm going to drag my mom with me every single time I go shopping in the future as I not only had a great time with her, but seem to have incredible luck finding exactly what I need when she's there.

Today, tomorrow, Thursday and Friday are 100% dedicated to all the final details for Bridget's wedding, which I am obviously loving. We spent today running errands, gluing programs, making lists, finding my bridesmaid shoes and doing dress fittings (for both of us), and I'm selfishly really excited that I get to spend most of my free time this week with my best friend. I've said it before and I'll say it again - my wedding would not have happened without Bridget, and I'm thrilled that it's finally time for my "payback" to help her with all of the fun details for hers. We've got more than 100 feet of garland to tie in our future tomorrow morning, and I'm an odd bird in the sense that I'm pumped about it.

SO, all of this is to say that I'm sorry my little blog here has fallen to the wayside, but I will be back soon - refreshed and ready for some new DIY projects and lots of meals at home (major plus of the new job - I get to leave at the same time every day... which means planning dinners and spending more evenings with the hubs!)

Thanks for checking in.