A First Time for Everything

When I was a kid, I spent a good majority of my time with my brother, my best friend Mary Rose, and my cousin Allie. They were the people I was around the most often, and I swear I'm not exaggerating when I say that between the 3 of them, I was probably exposed to strep throat a solid dozen times a year. Now mind you I got sick plenty often on my own, but I somehow never ever had strep, no matter how many times it was being coughed right into my face (you're welcome for that visual). As an adult, every time I have a sore throat I get super annoyed when I go to the doctor and they insist on shoving that damn q-tip strep test down my throat because every single time I tell them "It's not strep. I know I have all the symptoms of strep. But it's not strep. I have never had strep." And every time, the doctor ends up doing the test anyways, and then saying "Hmm, that's interesting. You don't have strep." To which I say my 4 favorite words: I TOLD YOU SO.

Anyways. Fast forward to this past weekend, which was just about the best weekend in the entire world with Bridget and Aris' absolutely incredible wedding extravaganza (more on that later). I felt kinda blah Friday night but figured it was nerves (yeah I know, I wasn't even the bride, but I was in charge of setting up the entire outdoor ceremony and reception and wanted every single detail to be perfect for my bestie). Bridget sent me to bed early and I slept like a rock and strolled down to her room in my pajamas to join the hair and makeup party in the morning. Outside of some minor panicking about the weather, I felt fine most of the day, but realized during the reception that I was insanely exhausted - even more so than usual. By Sunday morning I knew I was getting sick, but kept my hopes up that the way I was feeling was due to a hangover, lack of sleep and more nerves about starting the new job on Monday. When I went to bed Sunday night, I knew I was screwed, and by Monday morning when I had to get up bright and early for my first day at the new gig my throat was on fire, my glands were swollen and I felt run down and generally like crap. The hubs sent me straight to the clinic after work where I proceeded to tell the doctor that regardless of how bad my throat hurt I have never had strep and if she really wants to do the test I guess that's fine but it's going to be negative. As usual, she insisted on the q-tip choking regardless of what I said, and as usual I sat there waiting for her to tell me the test was negative and I just need some R&R.


The test was positive. I have strep throat. For the first time in my life. During the first few days at a new job where I want to make a good impression and I don't have sick days yet. PERFECT TIMING.

So, apologies once again for my boring and sporadic blogging these days, but my couch is my current best friend and I've done a whole lot of nothing outside of curling up with a blanket and whining about how I feel after work. I've got a house to clean, 2 wedding invitation designs to crank out, lots to learn about the new job and an inbox full of personal emails to catch up on... but for now I'm going to watch the chick flick the awesome hubs just went and rented for me and go to bed early. Fingers crossed for a swift recovery and feeling back to normal soon!