Chop Chop

After the bestie's wedding, I decided it was time to chop my hair that was in dire need of a refresh. It was longer than I've had it in ages, and although I had completely mastered curling it with my flatiron it was getting stringy and gross at the ends and desperately needed a real cut instead of just a trim. I went to the only girl I trust around home to cut it and ended up chopping off nearly 6 inches! Realizing that I literally know NOTHING about doing my hair outside of the aforementioned curling, the stylist was sweet enough to teach me how to properly use a curling iron for that perfect loose waves look I'm always going for. I was in love.

Now I'm smart enough to know that I will NEVER get my hair to look as good as it did that day on my own, but I was super excited when I stumbled on The Small Things Blog (thanks Pinterest!) and her abundance of tutorials for shoulder length hair. I've got a hot date (hehe, get it?) with my brand spanking new curling iron this weekend and I won't call it a night until I've got this wavy thing down pat. 

What are your plans for the weekend? The forecast is calling for sun, sun and more sun, and I cannot wait to spend lots of time outside and with friends. Happy Friday!