If I Had a Million Dollars: Touches of Gold

I've noted my newfound love for gold in other posts, and if anything the infatuation is only getting stronger. I constantly find myself looking at things around the house wondering if I can paint them gold - like lamps and curtain rods and bathroom fixtures - and I assure you it doesn't stop there. I suppose I only used to think of gold equaling gaudy jewelry, but it really is a gorgeous and classy neutral, and I'm anxious to bring a few more touches of it into our home. I know I've posted a couple of these exact items in the past, so apologies for that, but I'm still swooning over them so that says something, right?!

lamp  //  bookends  //  cake  //  s&p grinders

A few notes about my favorite items above:
I'm not one for expensive furniture, but I genuinely look at this end table every single day lately. Our current end table cost $7 at Ikea, which makes this one at $134 a tough sell for the hubs, but I WILL purchase it the next time I have an extra hundred bucks laying around (Do you like how I say that as if that happens all the time? It does not.)

That gumball machine is next up on my DIY list - that is, as soon as I get my hands on a regular old school red one and a can of glittery spray paint. I'm embarrassingly obsessed with this project. 

And finally, I know a big giant cake covered in metallic frosting is hardly something for the home, but a certain someone has a birthday coming up (yay me!) and I've decided that along with spending times with friends and dinner at a restaurant off of my "must-try" list, a gold cake is a necessity (hint hint, hubs). :)