I'm Back

Well I'm no healthier than I was earlier in the week (womp womp), and was so exhausted yesterday that the hubs and I spent the majority of the day laying around at home. We ventured out to the golf club with FIL for a couple of hours, but after lunch and a little sun we called it a day and headed home long before seeing any fireworks. While the 4th of July isn't my all-time favorite holiday or anything, I think I was pretty much born to hang out on the grass listening to music and eating BBQ, so I was a little bummed at our decision to stay in most of the day, regardless of the fact that it was probably the best thing either of us could have decided to do for our health. But missing the fireworks was kind of the final straw for me, and after spending the last several days moping around about being sick I figure its about time I snap myself out of it and just accept that I'll get better when my body is ready to. What better way to start feeling a little more peppy than to do a bunch of virtual wish-listing? ;) As usual, the collection of things I'm lusting over is across the board - ranging from a cheeky sweatshirt to kitchen stools from my mecca (Target, duh) that I have absolutely no use for but feel like I should buy for a future house because they are that perfect (and that affordable). Here's a roundup of fun little things I've got my eye on.