If I Had a Million Dollars: Fall Wardrobe

Like it or not, fall weather is right around the corner here in Chicago, and given the mediocre weather we've had for the majority of August, I wouldn't be surprised if cooler temps sneaks up on us sooner than later. Given that I am far too lazy and cheap to go get another pedicure so sandals look cute and I have a closet full of long sleeves and sweaters but sorely lacking in tanks and tees... I suppose I shouldn't be too bummed that it will probably be time for light layers before I know it.

August is the one time a year where I feel like I sort of almost care about fashion, and that is simply because of the GIGANTIC September issues of magazines like Vogue and Elle that are full of hundreds and hundreds of pretty pictures that even Gap and Old Navy lovers like me can find themselves drooling over. Usually, I refrain from buying these issues because I know I will purchase very little of what's in them (if anything), but this year I've decided I'm going to treat myself to a couple and see what all is out there in the forecasts for fall clothing.

Ever the wannabe fashionista, outside of magazines I continue to rely on things like Pinterest for outfit inspiration. I have high hopes for a comfy yet casually sophisticated wardrobe for the coming season, and plan to do my best to track down at least some of the items in this little roundup -

Top row: a touch of camo  //  distressed denim  //  an oversized and insanely cozy gray sweater
Middle row: floral pants  //  the perfect white tee  //  graphic tees for under cardigans and blazers
Bottom row:  elbow patches  //  a comfy white sweater  //  a little bit of leopard

all images sourced from my Pinterest