The hubs asked me last night on our way out to run an errand "honey, do you think we need to call a doctor to do something about your ADD?" While I know he was (sort of) kidding, he had a point - I spent a good chunk of the weekend stressing out about how much stuff we have to do but rarely finding myself able to focus on just one thing. Truth be told, I was diagnosed with a mild case of ADD in college but have never really found it to affect me negatively - I've just accepted my non-stop million-miles-a-minute brain as who I am, and for the most part everything works out just fine. This weekend alone, I attempted to clean our office, bought a new computer (that has to go in the mess of an office somewhere), decided I wanted to paint the bathroom and picked out a color to do it in, read half a book, and came up with a list of at least 6 other projects I want to tackle sooner than later among other things. Overall I realize this really isn't a whole lot, but the lack of attention to one thing at a time has taken it's toll on me. My goal for this week is to attempt to focus - decide on a project and don't move on to the next until I've finished it. Given how excited I am about the new computer and painting the bathroom... this could potentially be an insanely productive week if I manage to keep myself grounded.

Wish me luck ;). Happy Monday!