The Prettiest Chair You Ever Did See

I've written before about my case of baby brain, but last night I took that to a whole new level. You see, thanks to all of the time I spend reading blogs and looking at Pinterest and oohing and aahing over fabulously designed nurseries, I have fallen in love with certain baby things to a point that is dramatic and unexplainable.

Like a very very very expensive rocking chair.

But oh, it's a pretty rocking chair.

And it was randomly on Gilt (and already sold out) a couple of weeks ago so I decided to just waitlist myself to see what would happen. And then last night I got an email that it was available and this happened -

Me: So honey... we need to talk.
Dan: No
Me: No for real
Dan: No. You're giving me your "we need to talk because I want to spend lots of money face."
Me: ...

Darn him for knowing me so well.

So I used a few bargaining points that I had carefully prepared for our conversation:
1. When we DO decide it's time to get pregnant and have to start shopping for baby things, it's gonna get expensive QUICK. Why not get what I imagine is one of the largest purchases out of the way now when we aren't super broke and stressing about re-budgeting for a bundle of joy?
2. Dan really wants me to breastfeed. And while I may feel different once I'm actually knocked up and have that whole miracle of life thing going on, I have quite a few (strong) reasons for not wanting to. But, I promised him a long time ago I would at least give it a fair shot because it means so much to him - and it's waaay cheaper than formula obviously. SO, if I'm going to be spending that kind of time feeding... well then I want an extra comfy and stylish chair to do it in. And really, bottle or boob, from what I've heard, you spend a heck of a lot of time in a rocker feeding the nugget and rocking them to sleep - better make it cozy.
3. I have googled this chair until I cannot google it anymore. I have read every available review online. I have seen it come back in stock on baby websites only to see it be out of stock again almost immediately because smart mamas are snatching it up. It's a coveted piece, and seeing as it's been on my radar for nearly 2 years, I figured this whole flash sale was a sign it's meant to be.
4. Um. It's gorgeous. And post-kids it would look just as gorgeous in any other room of the house.
5. The hubs has a recliner in the living room that I despise (and that's putting it nicely). Don't get me wrong, it is real good and comfy, but I didn't pick it out and it is also over-stuffed, beige, way too big for the room and dirty and old. Consider this my version of a slightly unnecessary but have-to-have-it chair.
5. It was on sale!!! We saved an average of about $300 off the retail price with the Gilt sale. Holler!

And it happened. My awesome hubs went for it and said I could order the chair. Whether he agreed with my reasoning or just wanted me to shut up is up for a vote, but I don't care because I am giddy with excitement over this purchase.

Friends, I present to you, the Nursery Works Empire Rocker. It's tufted. It's slate gray. And it's mine allllll mine!

Tell me that's not stunning.

Let's just go ahead and swoon together for a few images shall we?

I'm in love, I'm in love and I don't care who knows it.

Happy Friday all! I'm headed to my cousin's wedding tonight and I cannot wait to hang out with the fam. They're a good time, and I'm certain there will be lots of fun stories to come from tonight.

Oh, and for the 4 people reading this that are wondering. I am not pregnant. Promise.