Light & Bright

I saw this image on Pinterest a few weeks ago, and have not been able to get it out of my head ever since. You may or may not know that way back when (almost 5 years ago!) we bought our house, I went a little overboard on the color and insisted on painting our bathroom BRIGHT teal. It was, and still is, my favorite color, and I figured if there's anywhere in the house that's a good place to have a little fun, it's a bathroom. Why not, right?

And it worked for a long time, but deep down I always kind of knew that someday I would tire of the overpowering color and want something a little more subdued. Unfortunately, I still tend to find neutrals terribly boring and couldn't grasp the idea of a light bathroom with white fixtures - it just seemed so... blah. But then I saw this picture and realized that neutral walls are the PERFECT jumping off point for a moody dark gray vanity and pops of colors with accessories and I was sold. I'm still not going with white walls, but I choose a super muted color that's nearly white but has some grayish-green undertones to give it a little life. The vanity will be painted dark gray, the ugly silver shelf above the toilet will be switched out for some crisp white shelves, and all of our gray and white towels and the shower curtain will stay but will be complimented by a some bright accessories to round it all off. 

(this color is not at all a good representation of the actual current color, but oh well)

My mom is coming over this weekend to help me paint while the boy is at work, and I can't wait to share some "after" photos when it's all finished!