Cheapskate Beauty

Thanks to my Upshot pal Gail's urging a couple years ago, I was introduced to the wonders of not washing my hair every day, and learned the power of a bottle of dry shampoo. To this day, my favorites are super cheap brands like Dove and Suave, but I will be the first to admit that they aren't perfect - they tend to definitely leave some white residue behind, and make my hair feel a little gross. If I remember to spray a big cloud of it over my head before heading to bed at night, it has several hours to kinda soak in and looks decent in the morning, but it could still be better.

Always one for a cheap beauty fix, I saw a post from The Beauty Department via Pinterest a few weeks ago on using stone ground white rice flour in place of dry shampoo... and after finally remembering to grab a bag at the grocery store last night I was pumped to give it a shot. According to the post, when rice comes in contact with the oils from your scalp, it becomes transparent instead of remaining white - many of the more expensive brands of dry shampoo are formulated with rice for this reason alone! So armed with a blush brush I never use, I dabbed the flour along my hairline and my part... and then promptly ran downstairs to rave to the hubs about how well it worked (he totally cared, I swear). Two thumbs up from this girl! I dumped a bunch of the flour in a mason jar to keep under the sink, and expect that this will become a regular part of my day-2-hair routine.