Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Week

What a week. Monday morning, my car wouldn't start. The hubs was already gone for the morning, but he was able to come home and jump it eventually. I went on my way to work, and then realized the radio wouldn't turn on and the gas gauge was on E when I knew it should be full. So I pulled over and turned the car off thinking things were probably just wonky because it was jumped... and then it wouldn't start again. So Dan came and jumped it again. After work, a coworker had to jump it for a third time. And Tuesday morning when it obviously didn't start again, we figured we probably needed a new battery. Tuesday after work we jumped the car for the 4th time and went to have the battery replaced. $120 down.

Wednesday the car started just fine in the morning and I happily went on my way to the office. After work itstarted just fine again, and all was well until something hit the windshield and within seconds a crack spanned nearly from edge to edge with slight curves at the ends making it look ironically like a smile. I was not amused. Another $260 down.

Not surprisingly, I insisted that the hubs and I carpool Thursday and again today, since I am absolutely convinced I am cursed this week and bad things usually happen in threes which means I've got one more surprise coming my way. Oh, AND it's Friday the 13th. I'm not typically superstitious, but this week has kind of taken it's toll on me and left me feeling a little extra anxious.

Thankfully, it's almost the weekend, and I'm hoping my luck is changing since I get to spend 95% of the next two days with my favorite guy. Happy weekend friends!