Beautiful Knockoff

There's certain items that seem to pop up on blogs and Pinterest over and over, causing me to fall in love with them... over and over - and there is nothing more exciting than finding an incredible knockoff of one of those items I've been coveting for a fraction of the price.

Behold! My latest amazing-if-I-do-say-so-myself budget find -

left: Wisteria Antiqued Moroccan Mirror - $279  // right: my new antique mirror - $42

Styling options are endless...

Over a buffet:

 Or a console table for a living room or entryway:

Above a statement dresser:

Or in the bedroom a la Danielle from The Everygirl:

Color me happy folks. Sure my new mirror has a chunkier frame, but the delicate nature of the Wisteria version is less my style and the one I found can be painted any old color I want, which you all know makes me giddy. I'm thinking this might just be the perfect project for me to finally try gold leafing, but first, this baby will sadly be going into storage while we sell the house. We've had lots of activity with showings already, so fingers are crossed that someone comes through soon and falls in love with our little home just like we did!