Half Bath

Every single new house we've looked at so far has at least 1.5 bathrooms. To say that I am thrilled about this would be a massive understatement. Outside of the fact that having a second bathroom would be a HUGE convenience, I am more excited about the endless possibilities for a dramatic statement in a half bath with wallpaper or stencils. Given that I painted our current home's bathroom super bright teal when we moved in, I imagine it's no surprise that I think a bathroom is great place in any home to have a little fun with decorating, since it's typically on a smaller scale as far as room sizes go.


an old favorite, imperfect black dots make a statement without looking too busy

textured grasscloth wallpaper comes in almost any color and pairs well with a painted vanity

this bathroom from Domino is full of texture and layers of pattern

more black and white, but in burst form

I. Heart. Gold.

vertical stripes naturally make a teeny room look and feel larger