One of the things our realtor and the stager both suggested we do at the house before photos and showings was to swap Dan's oversized recliner in the living room out for a slimmer, smaller chair. Cue a big "womp womp" from the hubby. While I was admittedly a little excited about this because the chair is not my favorite thing in the world (although I will admit it IS super comfy), Dan was totally crushed. Hopefully our new house will have the perfect spot for a man cave so he can have his favorite chair back... but in the meantime, I needed to find something to fill in.

I usually exercise a strict "no fabric" rule for craigslist, but needing something quick and affordable and knowing that I specifically wanted a wingback chair meant making an exception... and I'm glad I did. Not only did I find a chair, I found a pair for a measly $50! 

Thankfully, my mom is always up for an adventure, so she made the hour long ride with me to pick them up a couple of weekends ago. One is currently sitting as-is in the living room for showings while the other is in the basement, but seeing as the fabric is not exactly my style, I obviously have big plans for them in the future!

My mom and I have kicked around the idea of trying to DIY reupholstering the chairs down the road, which means finding the perfect fabric. I absolutely love finding a great deal on a piece of furniture to have some fun with, and I'm planning on doing just that with my new chairs! I definitely plan on picking something bold with lots of color that can fit into almost any room, but in true form I'm also somewhat drawn to more simple and neutral choices.

Here are some favorites from, Fabricworm, and LS Fabrics -