Woah there, 2014 (and, Thanks to Pinterest for the New Year!)

Let's just be good and blunt here for a second, shall we? 2014 is kind of kicking my ass. Anyone else feeling the same? Basically, the first week of this year has gone a little something like this for me -
wake up early, try to remember if I have to go to work, roll over and go back to sleep if not, eventually convince myself to get out of bed even though it's WAY warmer under the covers, eat cereal, go to the store to buy more bins, pack every possible book, vase, photo, article of clothing or pillowcase I *hope* I won't need in the next several months, tool around online looking at houses and trying to focus on one thing long enough to blog (#fail), talk about how we spend too much money on food but eat out anyways because we don't have energy to cook, clean out every drawer/cabinet/closet in the house, stay up way too late. Repeat.

Oh, and it's been something like -50 degrees with the windchill in Chicago this week. Remember how our CR-V needed a new battery just a couple of weeks ago? Well thanks to it being SO cold out the Civic wouldn't start this morning and now that needs a new battery too. Swell!

I am definitely not complaining about all of the random days off in the last couple of weeks (my company closed the week of Christmas, we had New Years Day off, and yesterday was so cold half of Chicago and the surrounding suburbs completely shut down), but the lack of consistency in my schedule has really thrown me for a loop. So basically, I'm kind of already wanting to hit the reset button on this year. But I've got high hopes for 2014, so I refuse to let a rocky start weigh me down!

A teeny bit of fun news in the midst of all the craziness? I realized tonight that I have 700 Pinterest followers, and that kind of made me super excited given that I probably only know 40 or 50 of them. Holler! And in honor of that little tidbit of fun (and to celebrate the return of one of my favorite post topics), here's a roundup of some of my favorite pins lately.

//  love this cut & color  //  DIY edible glitter?!?  //  quinoa, kale, egg  //  wisdom  //
mark my words - if I have a half bath in our next home, it WILL be wallpapered and a little bit glam and a lot a bit amazing like this one

Here's to more blogging in 2014!