Kitchen Planning

Alright, I can't help it. I wasn't going to post pictures of the new house yet but I just. Can't. Help. It. I am SO insanely excited about it and I want to start organizing all of the plans I have in my head... so blogging it is!

First up is the kitchen, which I am obsessed with, to say the least. The number of cabinets alone makes me giddy. Then you add in the perfect spot for a breakfast nook, a wall just begging for open shelves, a center island WITH A BUILT IN SHELF FOR A KITCHENAID MIXER, and drawers and slide-out shelves galore... and I am pretty much in kitchen planning heaven.


The lovely hubs has agreed to tackle painting the cabinets white before we even unpack our kitchen things, and with a fresh coat of barely-gray on the walls as well, the space will already look a million times better. I, of course, have more plans than just paint though.

Love the idea of granite counters with butcher block on the island to mix up the finishes a bit...

...and also love the idea of painting the island a dark color to contrast with white cabinets.

I will have to measure, but if there's space to have an overhang on the island, I would love to have stools on one side. At first glance though, I don't think this would work.

I'm ok with the lack of stools... since I have BIG plans to build in a little breakfast nook on the far wall (seen in the last photo of the kitchen above). We left the wood from our pallet couch on the front porch for the new owners, but took the practically-brand-new cushions with us, so I'm planning to repurpose those for the nook! Target has Carlisle dining chairs that would work great here and bring in a nice pop of color. 

The open wall seen in photo 2 above is begging for big long shelves. Part of me likes the idea of wood to compliment the butcher block island, but I'm obviously also drawn to white.

As far as accessories, I'd love to get a big huge print of our rice krispie treats wedding cake to hang on the wall over the breakfast nook, and am also entertaining the idea of a bold wallpaper or stencil on the wall behind the open shelves. I cannot wait to see how this space evolves over time!