NEW: Brilliant Earth Windsor Collection!

To say that I'm a bit obsessed with everything wedding would be a dramatic understatement, and truth be told, I get sad when I don't have some sort of wedding project to be working on - whether it's helping to plan and craft my best friend's wedding, doing freelance invitation design or simply chatting at the lunch table with engaged coworkers.

So, you can imagine my excitement when Brilliant Earth reached out to me to write a post today to help celebrate the launch of their new retro-inspired Windsor Collection. That's right friends - a really incredible company reached out to little old me to write a post for them! Happy Friday to me!

I didn't know a whole lot about Brilliant Earth prior to learning about this collection, but holy moly, I'm in love. The company's mission statement calls out their dedication to socially and environmentally responsible sourcing for their jewelry, and all of their products are handcrafted in America. I'm sure it's no surprise to anyone that I spent a good deal of time this week ooohing and ahhing over nearly everything on their website! Can we say "anniversary gift" anyone? (hint hint hubs). I joke, I kid. Kind of.

Brilliant Earth gave me the creative freedom to help launch the beautiful Windsor Collection however I wanted, so I of course took the opportunity to put together a wedding mood board and do a little daydreaming about what my perfect wedding might look like today. Don't get me wrong - I loved every minute of our big day, but isn't it incredible how much your tastes change year after year? If I were planning a wedding right now it would look nothing like ours did two and a half years ago, which makes the daydreaming all the more fun!

all images from Pinterest

I chose Brilliant Earth's Posie diamond ring as my inspiration for this board because I love how it's classic but still has that little something extra special to it. Lots of gold and sparkle and a bit of a vintage feel made up my board for an overall softer palette that's still incredibly fresh and bold in that perfectly understated way. 

Happy weekend all - hope it's a good one.