I've said it before and I'll say it again - buying a house is a major time (and energy) suck. We haven't even moved yet, and I am exhausted. But we close on THURSDAY, and I couldn't be more excited.

Here's some tidbits from lately... all of which are house related (surprise!) and cost a lot of money (sigh).

Scored this beauty on craigslist for $250, and it's only a half mile from the new house, so I'll be meeting a neighbor as well when I pick it up! Planning on putting this in the family room for the TV. It's going to stay gray for now, but I'm also planning on a gray sectional couch, so long term this could end up a different color. I reallllllly like the gray though.

Also found an Ikea Docksta table for $50 on craigslist, which will most likely be a craft table, but could potentially also go in the breakfast nook we're planning to build down the road. Definitely kicking around the idea of faux marbling the top.

In keeping with our trend of spending money like we're made of it (we're not), we also dropped a nice chunk of change on brand spanking new appliances over the weekend, and I am beyond giddy about them. The fridge has the ice maker and water dispenser on the outside of the door (I'm a real grownup now!), and the washing machine plays a little tune when you hit the power button. The stove is gas, which will take some getting used to, but the burners are wide and cover the entire range and I kind of think it looks way fancier than it actually is. And it all gets delivered right away Friday!

Tonight we spent a decent amount of time in the shelving aisle at Home Depot planning our closet out, since it is currently just an empty room with not even a hanging bar. I think we figured out how to really utilize the space as best as possible, and I've decided the pricing on closet shelving is a total scam, much like I feel about table lamps and decent mascara. More money spent, but a fantastic new closet to come!

In other news that's not house related but still involves money, I have a lot of heart for this week's Sevenly campaign. If anyone feels like buying me a present that I just can't justify right now (because, um, see above), I'll take this in a medium ;).

Happy Wednesday!