She decided to start living the life she'd imagined

Friends! I'm back. No really. I know I've said this before and then... radio silence... but this time I mean that I, Kelly Lawler - I'm back. Not just the girl who blogs a couple times a week... ME. All of me.

Here's the thing. This year has been... difficult, to put it lightly. I pretty much feel like I've been on a rollercoaster for about 6 months now, and I finally decided recently that I was kind of over it. I wasn't blogging, I wasn't doing much around the house, I wasn't even spending nearly as much time and money at Target as I usually do so clearly something was wrong with me. Truth be told, a big part of my absence from blogging in particular was due to the hubs and I deciding to watch the entire Bones series on Netflix recently, and I am truly embarrassed to admit how quickly we made it through nearly 200 episodes. But if I'm being totally honest there's way more to it than me just spending WAY too much time in front of the TV lately. Chalk it up to the growing pains of being an adult and learning to understand that try as I might, I cannot control everything and life cannot always be planned. I was in a funk, and it sucked the life out of me.

But, have no fear! I got myself a new haircut yesterday, I've spray painted a few things lately, I have big plans for holiday decorating, and, um, lookie here... I went ahead and got myself a big girl website with a "real" URL and everything! I also finally went ahead and paid for a Creative Cloud membership on my practically brand new desktop that was sitting untouched so I can actually use it, and I downloaded a bunch of paid fonts and other design goodies. The hubs got me a wireless SD card so I can use my good camera more easily, we got the office/craft room superbly organized complete with a big standing craft desk that I adore, and I found a filing cabinet on craigslist that is now painted the happiest mint green and full of all the pretty paper I've collected over the years.

In other words - I'm ready to spend the winter transforming the house, trying to build my freelance business, not letting the snow get me down, and of course, blogging about it all along the way. Funk - be gone! My blog is back.