HOLIDAY 2014: Because you know I'm all about that plaid

It's obvious that my love for gold knows no bounds, and it doesn't seem to be going away anytime soon. But this fall, a new love affair began with buffalo check plaid, and I just can't get enough of it.

hat // flannel // scarf
throw // mug // earmuffs
plates // ornament // stocking

I mentioned that I have big plans for decorating the house this Christmas, and if I have it my way plaid will be a nice little part of that. In previous years I've shied away from decorating with a lot of red despite it being the quintessential Christmas color, but this year it just makes sense for our home. We have dark wood trim throughout the house, and since we haven't painted a single thing yet I am surrounded by beige (I KNOW. I'm working on it), so red "matches" better than it did in our previous all-cool-colored house. More importantly, our ridiculously large backyard with all kinds of trees sort of makes it feel like we're in the middle of the nowhere Wisconsin, so I'm going for traditional cozy - you know, kind of a log cabin kind of feel - this time around. Lots of red, faux fur, and (surprise!) gold will make up our holiday decor, and I can't wait to add a couple plaid items to the mix!