HOLIDAY 2014: Wish List

Well, the grande DECAF caramel brulee latte I ordered at Starbucks this afternoon was clearly not caffeine-free, and here I am at midnight completely wired. The good news is that I've stopped physically shaking as I was by dinnertime, and the unwanted energy gave me time to put together a blog post for the end of the week. #Silverlining, folks.

We don't go crazy with Christmas gifts for each other each year because we try to be frugal in general, but I'm not going to lie and say I don't love seeing presents wrapped under the tree on Christmas morning. What's even better is that in the last few years the hubs and I have started the tradition of spending the morning at home just the two of us having breakfast and opening gifts before the hustle of the rest of the day begins, and I so love that time together. This year is even more exciting since it's our first Christmas in our new house! I'd love to try homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast this year, and I'm already having daydreams of eating them in front of a fire while we open presents. I also got Louie a stocking this year, which we'll be filling it with treats and a couple new toys so he can get in on the Christmas morning fun. Clearly, I'm looking forward to the holiday!

So as with previous years, I'm here to post my wish list for this Christmas! As always, it's kind of a funny little mix of things - it's not often you see a rolling pin on the same wish list as Neil Patrick Harris' book, but I can't imagine anyone who knows me is terribly surprised by any of that.


BOW & DRAPE CUSTOM SWEATSHIRT: I've wanted one of these bad boys since I saw them on instagram months ago, but I could never decide what I would want it to say. I finally decided on Cakes & Louie partially because I love my little blog, but mostly because those 2 guys have really been my everything this year. I mentioned in my "comeback" post that it's been a tough few months for me, and I have no idea what I would have done without Dan's constant positivity and support, and of course, without lots of Louie kisses. This is at the top of my list!

H&M HOME PILLOW COVERS (blue, cream): Um, have you seen the H&M home line lately?! I'll be doing a full post on this soon as I essentially love everything in the collection and it is crazy affordable. I've been looking for florals that I like that I can incorporate into the house in small ways as to not overwhelm my better half, and these pillow covers do that perfectly.

GOLD TASSEL NECKLACE: I have a $5 gold tassel necklace that I wear constantly, but part of it is broken so I'd love to replace it with a nice one. Love the double chain on this version!

MARBLE ROLLING PIN: I love pretty kitchen things, and I've read that dough doesn't stick to marble which is key. I've also learned in our kitchen remodeling that marble countertops are SUPER impractical, so since I can't have them evvvvvvverywhere, I'll add accents in with things like this rolling pin. 

H&M HOME VASE: Somehow, I don't have a nice, simple, white vase, so when the hubs surprises me with flowers I end up putting them in something from a garage sale and it bums me out. My favorite $3.99 Trader Joe's bouquets would look extra pretty in this one!

SCARLET & GOLD SCRIPTURE CARDS: There's only a few of these sets left, and I'm itching to get my hands on one. One of my goals for the new year is going to be to strengthen my faith and become a part of a church community again with Dan. I used to love memorizing Bible verses in high school, and these are also really really beautifully designed - I think they were pretty much made for me. 

ORGANIC STAR MATELASSE DUVET COVER & SHAMS: So we bought a king size bed months ago, and I've been shopping for a duvet cover for months for our comforter. I, of course, managed to fall in love with the most expensive one I looked at, but now it's on sale! At $159 (plus the cost of 2 king shams) it's still not cheap, but I love that it's classic and simple, which will fit nicely in the "grownup bedroom" vibe I'm trying to create with our new room. It's an investment, but I think for something that I plan to use for years and years to come, it's worth it.

WIRE BASKET: Another H&M Home find. I'm going to put it next to my grownup bed with my grownup duvet cover in my grownup bedroom and fill it with grownup magazines and novels. Duh.


Happy Friday! What's on your Christmas list, friends?