Merry Post-Christmas, friends! I hope everyone had a lovely and relaxing holiday and had the chance to be as perfectly lazy as the hubs and I were most of the weekend. I thought being hooked on Netflix made it tough to get off the couch, but oh MAN does having a fireplace when it's cold outside make it nearly impossible. Every evening I have to decide between the greatness of having a fire going and the knowledge that if said fire is going I will get absolutely nothing productive done because all I will do is get under a blanket with my iPad and listen to the crackling while I play on Pinterest or read. So far, the fires are winning most nights.

I'm headed back to work today for a shortened week thanks to New Years, and decided I'd check in here with a quick note about a great deal on yet another subscription box- FabFitFun! This box is quarterly rather than monthly, and it's also a bit higher in price at $49.99 per box. The price is the main reason I hadn't signed up prior, but the Winter box is currently on clearance at 50% off, so for $24.99 I decided to give it a shot! The FabFitFun box is LOADED with goodies, and seems to be more product-based than PopSugar (which I still looooove getting each month). 

If you're curious about what's in the Winter box, My Subscription Addiction did a great recap of all the products included.

You can sign up HERE and use code OMG to get the Winter box for $24.99. Signing up will automatically charge your card each quarter, so be sure to cancel your account after you receive your Winter box if you don't want to get them in the future.

Happy Monday!

Links for PopSugar and FabFitFun are my referral links - if you sign up, thanks for helping me score free boxes!