Grown-up Bedroom

Well friends, my awesome hubby struck again, and surprised me with a big old box from West Elm under the tree on Christmas that housed the coveted Organic Star Matelasse duvet cover I was drooling over for the last few months. It is absolutely beautiful, and I love how it's a little heavier than a normal duvet cover, but also incredibly soft. 

The addition of proper bedding has of course kicked my dreaming about a "finished" bedroom into high gear, and I'm starting with figuring out a bench for in front of the bed. We had an upholstered rectangular ottoman in front of our bed in our old house, and I loved the look of it, but it's too small for in front of our king size bed. There is, of course, no shortage of inspiration on Pinterest for master bedroom benches - 

I especially love the last image from Bethany at Dwellings by Devore, who made her bench out of an Ikea TV stand! Our shelves in the family room (which I also spray painted gold) are the same line as Bethany's bench, so I'm not sure I want to go that route exactly, but I'm with her in wanting a gold metal base of some sort. Our dressers and nightstands are all wood, and we have the big upholstered bed, so I think a metal frame will be a nice addition to mix up the finishes in the room a bit.

While I'm not opposed to a more subtle pattern, I am also incredibly drawn to floral and oriental-style fabrics lately, and may consider something like that for the bench to bring in a nice pop of color. Here's a bunch I'm considering!

Besides the bench, I'd like to hang more photos or artwork on the walls, including something for above the bed, hang up curtains over the blinds for added light-blocking and texture, and paint to finish up the room - not too bad!