Looking back: 2014

When I was thinking this week about New Years, I realized I continued to say things to myself like "2014 was awful, I am READY for it to end." And to be fair, 2014 did kind of suck in a few big ways that I am not going to get into here on the blog. It's been a really tough year for me emotionally and personally, and in that regard I am ready for the fresh start that automatically comes with a new year. But my being anxious to move on from the difficult things was overshadowing the many other really incredible things that 2014 included. I mean, we bought our dream house! That's a big deal, and I'm glad that I realized it before I wrote the year off completely.

Thanks to Instagram, I've got all the goodies documented. Here's a look back at some of the extra great parts of the year!


Highlights that are kind of in order of the photos:
Kicking off the year in New Orleans with our very best friends  //  Getting know the one and only Shannon Wyatt - this girl is a bright light in my life every time I see her, and I am so grateful for her constant positivity and willingness to share her faith!  //  The Last Hurrah at our first house... complete with a surprise Irish band thanks to the hubs  //  Remembering 906, especially the exact spot where Dan proposed  //  Speaking at Career Day for an all girls high school  //  UMMM... we bought a house! And sold our old one! AND became really close to our realtors in the process - more new friends that are such a positive and wonderful part of our lives!  //  Living with Gramma for the time in between our 2 houses. I got to drink juice boxes every day, Louie was allowed on the bed, and most importantly - we got to spend several weeks with my Gramma, who I love more than I could ever explain  //  Finally making it to NYC for a business trip. I extended my stay a couple of days to explore on my own. I was incredibly proud of myself for taking this trip essentially alone - it was a huge step for me personally!  //  Embracing the suburbs for everything wonderful and amazing that they are... and having lots of summer parties, BBQs and bonfires while we were at it  //  The hubs got me a donut birthday cake, so you know, best birthday ever  //  I chopped and colored my hair and finally after 32 years, started to kind of "find myself" when it came to my looks  //  Spontaneous vacation to Niagra Falls  //  Day-of Coordinating my first wedding. As expected, I loved every second of it  //  Road trip to Grand Rapids with 2 of my work besties for a weekend full of art  //  Leaf piles and fireplace fires galore  //  First Christmas at The Radcliff: massive Christmas tree, lots of friends, mimosas and homemade cinnamon rolls  //  Visits from Dan Bux AND Sarah Gavin - two more friends that I thank my lucky stars for daily  //  The littlest peanut of a nephew! Born just before Christmas and rounding out the year perfectly.

Happy New Year friends! Here's to 2015!