HOLIDAY 2014: Craft Plans

Ok ok, so I said I was going to post a roundup of fantastic Black Friday deals and then I didn't. Want to know why? Because there really weren't any deals so incredible that I thought they were worth sharing. Womp womp. Retailers opened on Thanksgiving, obviously ruining the holiday for anyone that was stuck working, but also essentially ruining the fun of shopping in the middle of the night with crazy crowds while everyone rushes to get the best doorbusters. And because the stores opened Thursday, when they reopened early Friday morning it just wasn't the same. Sure, there were plenty of sales, and many of them may have sounded amazing - like Old Navy having the entire store 50% off - but in the grand scheme of things and compared to previous years, the deals were mediocre. 

Don't get me wrong here - I still did plenty of shopping and spent plenty of money ;). My most exciting purchases were a new wallet from the Kate Spade Outlet, the soundtrack to Frozen, and a winter coat, which I desperately needed. Among other things, we also snagged a set of Pyrex storage containers (thrilling, I know), a new clothing steamer (my life was in shambles for the 3 days I didn't have one after my trusty Conair broke), aaaaaand a massive Christmas tree that I am just utterly in love with. I have spent the last week decking the heck out of our home, and thanks to the hubs getting the fireplace inspected and cleaned just before Thanksgiving we've pretty much spent every night with a fire going and Christmas music playing, which is basically just the best ever. 

Though the house is well decorated at this point, there are a few DIY projects I'm planning to tackle next week to finalize this year's decor. 

Behold! Cereal boxes rolled into tree cones and decorated every which way, wreaths adorned with dollar store goodies, all kinds of ways to use mason jars, wine bottles covered in epsom salt snow, ornaments made out of old book pages, and Christmas chalkboard art! 

Now, who wants to come over for a craft night?!