Home Planning: Half Bath

//  Packing in character in a teeny tiny space  //


I've written before about my plans for a reeeeeeeeally snazzy half bath with glorious wallpaper in some funky pattern, but given that our washer and dryer are also in that room, I've accepted the fact that trying to make it a little jewel-box of amazing won't ever really work. Thankfully, I've got a master bathroom that's also begging for some loving, so wallpapering may still be in the cards someday ;).

For now, this rug being clearanced out at Ikea recently sparked a mini-makeover in the half bathroom, and I'm excited to continue to tweak the room in little ways to make it feel a little prettier despite all the function that's packed in there. I found out that Ikea is introducing a whole new kitchen cabinet system in February, so their current system is beginning to go on sale as they make room for new goodies. I am (im)patiently waiting for the white cabinet frames to be marked down so we can replace the VERY old and gross current cabinets, and I'm leaning towards the high-gloss gray doors pictured above for added contrast. Once new cabinets are in, I'll tack up a piece of gray-stripe fabric to hide all of the laundry hookups like this blogger did, paint the remainder of the room, and be good to go!

Other additions for now include Nate Berkus for Target hand towels, a small metal bucket to stash dirty kitchen towels and the like in until they're ready to be washed, a dark wood picture frame that I don't have a print for yet (but I sure do love the Ikea swimmers canvas and wish I could find it in a smaller size!), and a pretty little soap dispenser. Down the line, we've also discussed putting in a countertop over the washer and dryer to make them feel a little more built-in, but given everything else going on around here that purchase will likely not be prioritized for awhile.

Speaking of everything else going on around here... we finally picked out granite for the kitchen and it's being installed later this week! And oh, how I wish that choosing granite meant we were finished with decisions for the room. No such luck my friends. In the last several days on top of having a cold I've learned the hard way that faucet companies don't make water dispenser faucets to match their main sink faucets (WHY?!?), we spent more money on a sink than I ever thought we would because of what we've heard will be best for our high-iron water, the butcher block for the island that we wanted is no longer sold in-store from Ikea so we have to pick it up at a warehouse in some random suburb I've never heard of in a week, and apparently those little strainers that go in the bottom of your sink cost a fortune... BUT we're making progress!