Lately, in the kitchen

It's been busy around these parts, friends! A few weeks ago, I finally managed to settle on slabs of granite for the kitchen, and despite a couple minor panic attacks before installation over whether or not I made the right decision, they are absolutely stunning. I am seriously in love. We ended up splurging on a white ceramic Kohler sink at the very very (very) last minute, and I think we're both thrilled with that decision because it's beautiful and really brings the kitchen to another level. Thankfully, the installation of the granite gave me a new burst of energy to finally get the cabinet doors painted after sitting for months untouched, so we spent most of our Saturday this weekend scooting around the basement with a brush (me) and a roller (the hubs) tackling that project. There's still another coat to do, but they're looking good!

Then there's the kitchen island, which I decided to use butcher block on before we even bought the house. Unfortunately, Ikea was discontinuing their super affordable version, so this turned into quite the ordeal. First, we were able to order the block for $129 from the store for pickup a week later in the Bedford Park warehouse. Just a few days after we picked it up we were back at the store and Dan spotted a pallet in the as-is section full of random pieces of furniture and cabinets... including not one but TWO identical butcher blocks. The deal with these pallets is that you buy the WHOLE thing, all wrapped up in plastic, for $100. You don't really know exactly what's on it, some items could be damaged or missing pieces, some may be in perfect condition, and none of them can be returned. Never ones to pass up a bargain or a random adventure, we decided to go for it, so we loaded this entire pallet full of stuff into the CR-V and headed home where we unloaded it all into the living room. The butcher blocks were both in perfect condition (hooray!), which meant that today we went back to Ikea to return our original one for $129. We got the butcher block all sanded and stained yesterday as well, and I am loving how the color looks! We still need to add several coats of sealer that need 24 hours to dry between coats, so hopefully by next weekend we can actually install it.

Since the pallet was full of other goodies that were miraculously mostly in perfect shape, this also means that my living room seriously looks like an Ikea warehouse, so if you are looking for random Ikea stuff check out our craigslist posting! ;)

I still need to pick out a paint color for the walls and order hardware and hinges... but the end is in sight! I absolutely cannot wait to have the kitchen completely finished, and I'm hoping to add a few of these fun accessories to polish up the final product -


pendants  //  tea kettle  //  sponge dish  //  ring holder
paper towel rod  //  bread box  //  dish soap  //  hand soap
soap caddy  //  dish towels  //  juicer

The pendants dropped over the island may not happen right now, as there are currently can lights there and we're not really thrilled with the idea of hiring an electrician at the moment. I honestly sort of hate bread boxes, but right now we kind of shove all the bread on a shelf with too many other things, so we've decided it would be helpful, and at least this one would look pretty on the counter. We also need a paper towel holder since we left our old one at the old house, and a lot of other wall mount ones I've seen cost nearly as much as this brass one, so I figure I may as well get one that's good looking! The hubs can't stand the hand soap and dish soap sitting around loose, so this caddy with refillable glass bottles will look great, and the sponge dish and ring holder will match nicely. The dishtowels we have are really bright colors, so these more neutral colored ones would be a nice shift. And finishing up the roundup are the juicer and gorgeous tea kettle, which are definitely on the nice-to-have list and not the have-to-have list, but I can dream!