See ya, Chicago

I cannot remember a time in my life when I wasn't regularly daydreaming about traveling and seeing the world, but, um, money unfortunately doesn't grow on trees (can we make that happen already???)

Enter FIL, my awesome father in law who has the same desire to travel as I do, and just so happens to also be the best customer Gordon Biersch has ever seen. FIL has been racking up loyalty points at GB for several years now, and just a couple weekends ago he hit the necessary amount of points for a hell of a prize - flight and hotel for 6 nights in Munich, Germany for Oktoberfest! He has generously decided that the hubs will be his plus-1, and my brother in law Ryan and I will be tagging along as well. Not only are we going to spend 7 days exploring Germany, but we'll be hopping over to Dublin to play in Ireland for nearly a week and THEN we're rounding out the trip with 3 days in Paris. There are honestly no words to describe my excitement, and I have no idea how I'm going to wait until September for this to all happen. We'll be spending our wedding anniversary in Ireland, which is so romantic and incredible to me, and we'll also be celebrating FIL's birthday while we're away, so it's destined to be an absolutely amazing trip.

While I obviously can't wait for ALL of the trip, I'm leaving most of the Ireland and Germany planning to the guys, while I am laser-focused on making the very very most of my short time in Paris. Since that little stop was basically added in for me and I am nothing short of obsessed with even thinking about setting foot anywhere near Eiffel Tower, FIL has informed me that I am to plan our time there, so I have lots of researching to do in the coming months! 

Since actual planning seems a bit daunting right now, I decided to start with something simple and order myself a proper floppy hat, which my work pals agree is a necessity for Fall abroad. Big thanks to blogger MintArrow for this insanely affordable find! Here's hoping I'll look even half as chic as these ladies all do! 

If you've been to Ireland, Germany or Paris and have recommendations for things we just can't miss, please do let me know! Next up - learning at least a teeny bit of French and how to use my camera!