Friday Five

// Five things I loved this week //

I had myself real worked up about a bunch of stuff this week, including but not limited to giving two presentations at work that I was incredibly nervous about... but I managed to get through them without dropping the microphone, breaking the slide clicker or completely forgetting what I wanted to say! I really enjoyed putting the presentations together, so I'm hoping moving forward I'll be more comfortable giving them and can appreciate the experience more than fear it. I also had some personal things going on this week that are thankfully over, and I'll say this - I am stronger than I give myself credit for sometimes, and this week was a good reminder of that.


So to round out the week, I'm doing my own little version of Friday Five - something that bloggers all over the place do and I'm going to start myself! Here's five random things from this week -

1. I stuck a "BE BRAVE" Intention (temporary) tattoo from Jess Lively on my forearm before my presentations, and it was strangely comforting to see those 2 little words on my arm every time I found myself getting a little extra anxious about everything this week. Get them here!


2. My pal Nadia recorded and mixed her own version of TLC's No Scrubs and I cannot handle how damn funny this girl is. Clyp it here!

3. The bestie came out last weekend for some errand running (and margaritas and nachos, let's be honest), and we decided to get our eyebrows waxed at the local Benefit Brow Bar. I absolutely LOVE how awesome the girls that work there are! I'm sure they're trained to do so, but each and every one of them just showers customers with compliments, and I always enjoy the little 20 minute girly escape when I go there. I bought this eyeliner with the goal of mastering a cat eye look, which I plan to work on this weekend until I've got it down.

4. These black jeggings are seriously my favorite purchase in AGES. I despise the word jeggings and almost walked away from these for that reason alone, but I am so glad I decided to give them a shot. They fit perfectly, are super comfy, they have butt pockets which is my indication that they're completely work appropriate and, um, they have an elastic waistband. Need I say more?

5. Paper Source has all of their calendars 50% off right now, so if you're like me and waited until the end of February to buy one, this sale is perfect! I bought this one because it includes templates to turn each month into something else - a file folder, a tiny little box, etc. - which is SO FUN. 

Happy Weekend, friends! 

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