On Sending Snail Mail

// You know you want to write me a letter //


When I get home from work, inevitably exhausted from sitting at my desk all day (WHY?!? Why am I so tired all the time??), I have a routine - I take my shoes off, try to calm Louie down before he trips himself from being so excited to see me, hang up my keys, drop my purse, and hang up my coat (ok, sometimes hang up my coat, sometimes just throw it on the couch). And then I flip through the mail, see that it's all bills or junk, and go straight upstairs to change into my pajamas. 

But once in a great while there's something in the mail that ISN'T super boring, and I can't imagine I'm the only person that still gets a little thrill each and every time I get a card or a note or an invitation from someone that has real live handwriting on the envelope. It is SO fun to get something real in the mail, and 100 times more fun when it isn't expected.

And so my friends, I have vowed to send more snail mail this year. I have an entire craft box filled with little note cards I've collected from dollar bins and paper shows over the years, and I've decided it's high time I start actually writing in them and dropping them in the mail so they can fulfill their purpose of making someone smile. I get that it's March already (I can almost taste Spring, I swear it!), but I figure better late than never on a fun little project like this. And truth be told, I did already send a couple little notes just for the fun of it a few weeks ago, so it's a start!

Want to join me? Shoot me an email at cakesandlouie at gmail dot com with your address - I'll send you snail mail if you send me snail mail because then we can BOTH get super fun stuff in the mail just for the heck of it and let me tell you, that would be awesome at the end of a Monday, or a Tuesday, or any other day for that matter, now wouldn't it?