Friday Five

// Five things I loved this week //


Well this week sucked. That's pretty much all there is to say about it. I'm not going to get into the personal details just yet, but please know that as usual, I am thinking a whole lot about my blog... I just haven't creatively felt up to actually writing anything. But, I have continued to read as much as possible, which I obviously adore doing. Here's a quick roundup of some really fantastic things I've read or learned about this week:

1. An app to censor books - I am absolutely NOT a fan of this. I AM however, a fan of all the cursing in the article. If you don't love f-bombs as much as I do, consider yourself warned.

2. Seriously high-quality production and high-quality creepy ad from Taco Bell as a direct attack to their competitor McDonald's. I'm impressed with the ad - specifically the little details like the grimy ball pit - but it sure doesn't make me want to eat Taco Bell, so there's that to think about.

3. MOTI is a personable (and adorable) new robot, and I want one bad. Right now they're just in beta testing, but I'm really hoping final production allows for these babies to be affordable so I can have one lighting up and dancing at my desk congratulating me for remembering to take my vitamins. 

4. "I hate green" is something I have literally heard verbatim about 100 times since I started my job... which means I not only got a good laugh out of this writeup, but I also really appreciated the writer's spin on how to approach these kinds of subjective situations in design. Fantastic read!

5. And finally, I have to do a little shoutout for work, since I was a part of the small consumer marketing team that put together a fun Facebook group for one of our upcoming books, Whiskey & Charlie. It pubs in just a couple weeks and I am seriously obsessed with it - I LOVED this book. Loved it. The campaign utilizes the hashtag #whatiwanttosay to give people an opportunity and an outlet to share sentiments with the ones they love. Check it out, join the group, and post your own What I Want to Say notes!

I'm not sure where the image is from, but thanks to my pal Shannon for the uber necessary reminder this morning!