My Favorite Things: You smell good

I've been working hard to appreciate the little things lately, given all the BIG things going on that rather suck. I watched the Buddy roll around in the grass this evening after work and instead of calling him to come inside before he made a mess of himself... I just let him do it. He's a dog. It's dirt. He'll be ok. And when I spotted a Frozen kite at the dollar store the other day, you'd better believe I bought it. The weather we're having lately is also helping - I swear driving with the sunroof open is just as good as going to therapy for me. 

I also find delight in scents - specifically mild florals that smell like spring and summer and perfection all rolled in to one. The other day when I was in need of a new bottle of countertop spray cleaner, I grabbed a bottle of Mrs. Meyer's Peony Spray at Target, and let me tell you, I am OBSESSED. This stuff smells SO good it's crazy, and I spent a good hour this evening wandering around the house cleaning surfaces simply because I wanted every room to smell like flowers. For someone that generally doesn't love cleaning, I'm calling this spray a game changer. Get ye to Target STAT - this stuff is a limited edition scent and I for one am planning to buy a few more bottles before they're gone so I can have it for cleaning long after summer is gone. Like I'm trying to remember - it's the little things people.

So I decided that instead of writing a whole blog post about a counter spray (because that would be a liiiiiittle weird), I would do a quick roundup of other smell-good products that I've been loving lately. If you have any other favorite goodies to share, I'd love to hear about them!

peony spray  //  my usual fave for perfume  //  the best hand cream I've found
a candle that smells like Anthro's Volcano for a fraction of the cost  //  luxe shampoo that helps my dry scalp  //  microderm for sensitive skin that smells minty and clean