I got it from my mama

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My lovely pal Shannon of S.D. Wyatt Photography is no stranger to mentions on this little blog of mine, and she has been such an incredible friend to me since we found out about my mom's diagnosis. I'll wake up to texts with words of encouragement and inspiration, and much like Bridget, she CALLS to see how I'm doing, which is really something in the age of text message relationships. She also happens to be ridiculously talented behind the camera, so I asked her if she would do a little photoshoot of my mom and I before her treatments started up. I had seen a few sessions like this on other photographer's blogs in recent months, and I'm so glad I talked my mom into taking some photos with me. 

Since she knows I tend to lack patience, Shannon was kind enough to send me a few sneak peeks of our photos just a few hours after the shoot! The above is my absolute favorite, and I'll definitely be getting a large print of this to frame. My family isn't usually super cuddly, but Shannon was the perfect person to get my mom and I comfortable in front of the camera and I love the moments she captured. I also love how much I look like my mom, and the unplanned pattern mixing we managed for the shoot! 

Thank you Shannon, from the bottom of my heart, for photographing adults when adults aren't usually your thing, for squeezing us into your crazy busy week, and most importantly for being such a great friend to me all the time, but especially during the hard times. 

I'll be sure to share more photos when they're ready!