Summer Wish List

//  Cause it's finally warming up in Chicago  //


I haven't really been in the mood for blogging lately... but I figured what better way to try and kick myself back into it than to post some fun summery things I'm oogling? I've been eyeing the AMAZING floral armchair for weeks now, but it is unfortunately currently sold out so I'm keeping all of my fingers crossed it will come back in stock. And I obviously don't need a giant flamingo pool float since I don't have a pool... but I sure do want it anyways.

I'm planning to pick up the Laura Mercier oil-free tinted moisturizer early this week since I'm totally out of my regular moisturizer. Has anyone ever used Laura Mercier products? They get rave reviews online and I love the idea of using one product in place of two I'm currently using (moisturizer and BB cream). Not to mention the extra-necessary SPF for the summer! Is a tinted moisturizer enough? I'm thinking for the summer it would be, but drier winter skin may call for something heavier.

And I'd also love to purchase a few "starter" essential oils to try out. The benefits seem endless and I've been slowly trying to weave more organic and all-natural products into my arsenal. Does anyone have any experience with essential oils? It seems like a LOT to learn and it's honestly a bit intimidating, but I do love the idea of using them, specifically for skin concerns!

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