All the Pretty Baby Things

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I've spent a GREAT deal of time over the last month scouring Pinterest, blogs, Lucie's List and the like trying to get our baby registry in tip-top shape. The hubs has been a huge help in reading review after review of the bigger ticket items to make sure we're picking the best items that are still budget conscious, and I think we're at a point now where the registry is in a pretty good place! I'm certain there other are things we'll learn we need once baby arrives, but the hope is that we'll be decently prepared with the basics and a whole bunch of adorable clothes :). 

I was originally going to register on BabyList because I loved the idea of being able to choose items from anywhere on the web, but quickly realized it's not the most user-friendly system for people who don't shop online. So instead, I've left it just for the "extras"... you know, the things that aren't necessary but are so insanely cute and (thrilling to me) beautifully designed I just can't get over them. Here's a roundup of some of my favorites!

  • Baby's First Year - I honestly kicked around the idea of not getting a baby book because I didn't want the pressure of keeping up with one, but the prompts in this one are simple and thanks to being able to order prints of photos straight from my phone with just a couple clicks I think I can manage!
  • Mom's One Line a Day - I've started reading a short and sweet daily devotional and I'm hoping that I'll be able to keep finding 5 minutes a day for it even when baby arrives. I've got to be able to add in a one line a day journal entry in there, right?! (Go ahead seasoned moms, laugh!)
  • Jelly Cat Bashful Plush Bunny & Lamb - I adore these stuffed animals and love picturing our little one dragging them around with her everywhere she goes. And the soothie security blanket kinda looks like the Buddy Louie which I thought was perfect!
  • Donut Rattle & Pizza Teether - gotta represent mine and hub's favorite foods. And without the carbs or sugar!
  • Modern Burlap Muslin Swaddles - these are just gorgeous, and I love the phrases and Bible verses on them. Thanks to instagram, I am also well aware that these work wonderfully as photo backdrops :).
  • Freshly Picked Moccasins - ok, so I generally don't even spend this much on a pair of shoes for myself and I wish these cost less, but these babies have a cult following and I'm admittedly a little obsessed with them. Metallics match everything as far as I'm concerned and I'm generally not a fan of other baby shoes, so I can see baby wearing these nonstop.
  • Monthly Stickers - for alllllll the photos I know I'll be taking!