Hi, Third Trimester

/ / When the weeks til baby are almost single digits... / /


Well friends, just like that, I'm in my third trimester and this whole baby thing is getting really real!

The hubs and I have been in major nesting mode - registering for baby, putting together the nursery, cleaning and organizing the house, and cherishing the time we have just the two of us before we officially become parents in just a couple of months. I cannot say enough amazing things about Dan and how much he's taken care of me through my pregnancy, and maybe it's the hormones but lately I find myself more and more just thinking about how absolutely lucky I am to be sharing my life with such an incredible guy. I can't wait to see him with our daughter!

And speaking of taking care of me... I somehow managed to pass the gestational diabetes screen that my doctors seemed convinced I would fail, which was HUGE for me and gave me the exact boost of confidence I needed in the midst of a somewhat complicated pregnancy that I can do this. As I'm sure is the case for most anyone, when I really stop and think about it I recognize that this whole thing could be WAY worse and my complications are frustrating but not the end of the world. I have good days and bad days and have learned to let the bad days happen when they need to, but not to let them take over. Thankfully, the last month or so has been full of much more good - I passed the screening, my vision is stabilized so my doctor dropped my medication dosage which so so so amazingly allowed me to start sleeping again, and thanks to a prenatal massage the AWFUL sciatica I had for several weeks that had me in tears daily is gone. I definitely have my fair share of other random pregnancy side effects (acid reflux all the time anyone?) but for the most part, I'm just so amazed by what's happening with my body that they don't bother me too much. 

We're just 11 weeks away from my due date, and the list of things to do is quickly getting longer. While I'm sure I have lots of waddling, middle of the night bathroom trips and swollen ankles ahead of me, my fingers are crossed that the long home stretch remains far less dramatic than the beginning of this pregnancy was!