Savor... Morning Quiet Time

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In high school, I spent a good chunk of my free time at bible studies and youth groups, memorizing verses and praying. All things I've missed in my adult life but have struggled to really commit to finding time for, because, well, life happens. A new friend at work brought a devotional book in a few months ago so we could use it as packaging inspiration, and thanks to it being a stunning book I flipped through it and was immediately hooked... so I bought it for myself for Christmas! Savor, by Shauna Niequist, is a daily devotional that includes a verse, a few paragraphs of reflection, and an action point to think and pray about for the day. It's quick and simple, and it feels like you're reading words from a friend each morning. So far, I've taken a few minutes to read the page for the day right before I get in the shower in the morning, but I'm hoping to shift my routine around a bit moving forward so I can take 10 minutes to journal my thoughts/prayers from each day as well. I've never been one for journaling, but am realizing lately how much I want to really remember this year and everything that is going to come with it. I realize trying to take on even a few minutes of "me time" when we're going to have a newborn in just a couple months (!!!) is probably something other moms are laughing at me for, and I recognize that it might just not happen for awhile once baby comes, but goals are goals and this is mine for 2016! To take time to pray and reflect, to find the positives even in the hard times, and to genuinely savor every day of what I hope will be an absolutely incredible year.

image from Trials Bring Joy