Postpartum Cozy

/ / Because when else is it considered appropriate to not get dressed for days at a time? / /


I've read about a zillion blog posts lately about all of the things you need for postpartum recovery to take care of, um, down there, and prevent pain and infection. I'm grateful to all the women out there who have done this before and are willing to post the embarrassing details for newbies like me so I'm not completely blindsided by some of the less than fun sounding recovery details. But, I decided that while I'll certainly be sure to have many of the suggested products on hand, it would be way more fun to put together a roundup of comfy items I'd love to get my hands on for the weeks after baby is born. You know, because I'm going to take full advantage of pajamas being acceptable for the majority (or entirety) of the day for awhile. 

  • Mama Bear Sweatshirt, Mom Life Tee - yup. This is the kind of stuff I plan to live in.
  • Boppy Pillow - I've read nothing but amazing reviews of this nursing pillow, and Etsy is loaded with pretty custom covers for it!
  • Dolce & Gabbana Eye Cream - I splurged on eye cream the first time I bought it and felt like a real live grownup spending $60 on an anti-aging product. It lasted me a year which totally justified the cost, I LOVED it, and then for some reason I decided to be cheap and proceeded to try a slew of $20-30 versions that haven't done a damn thing for me. Time to #treatyoself again, Kel. The sleep deprivation I hear comes with a newborn will be a good test for this product, huh?
  • Extra long iPhone charger - for scrolling through Instagram during late night feedings and texting all my mom friends for advice when I have no idea what I'm doing.
  • Nursing Robe - I'm obsessed with this. Pajamas that are also pretty are just genius in my book.
  • S'well Rose Gold Beverage Bottle - this is a ridiculous price for a water bottle, but these things are popping up everywhere in the blogosphere, and it seems for good reason. Instead of craving pickles with ice cream, I've become extra particular of my water being ICE cold since I got pregnant, and this bottle promises to keep beverages cold for 24 hours... or hot for 12.
  • Breville Juicer - more than wine, sushi and brie cheese combined, I've missed grabbing a (unfortunately not pasturized) green juice from Standard Market as a snack or meal replacement. Juice bars are also non-existent where we live (why?!?), so I figure it's high time I start juicing myself. I'm attempting to work my magic with the hubs and purchase one of these bad boys sooner than later...
  • Living Proof Dry Shampoo - I've yet to try this because it's way pricier than my go-to brands, but I figure having one can of a really good dry shampoo on hand for the days when I really should have washed my hair and someone is coming to visit might be a good idea.
  • Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Sleeping Mask - my skin has been more clear during pregnancy than it has been since I was 16, which is the exact opposite of what seems to be the norm for expecting moms, specifically those having girls who supposedly "steal your beauty." Definitely not complaining, but I am admittedly scared of my acne coming back post-baby. Regardless, I'm staying positive and focusing on what's left - lots of scarring that I'd love to minimize. I've been really careful about product ingredients during pregnancy, so this will definitely wait until after baby arrives.
  • Nursing bras - so, these are a thing I guess? (Clearly, I know nothing about breastfeeding). These are affordable, look comfy, and have padding. 
  • Belly Bandit - I could care less about making my hips smaller or any of that, but I have extra water weight on me from my meds plus baby weight, so I have a feeling my body is just going to go a little crazy after delivery. I like the idea of this just kind of holding things together til they go back in place. Gets great reviews!
  • Pajama Pants & Shorts - obviously these would look great with the sweatshirt and tee ;)