One Room Challenge: Guest Bedroom

Much to the hubby's dismay, I decided about a week ago to jump in on the latest One Room Challenge, joining Calling It Home and bunches of other bloggers in transforming a room in a matter of weeks! Weekly posts are put up every Thursday to show progress, with the big reveals from everyone coming at the end. 

I decided to take on our extra bedroom because since we don't use it all the time, it's a great space to have a little fun and play with color and pattern. Since the first weekly post is meant to show plans, I stressed out and spent a lot of time trying to figure out how to put together a mood board of sorts for the room, and ended up not getting a post up last Thursday for the kickoff. In other words, I'm already behind on a big project and given our full time jobs and the adorable little munchkin that rules our lives these days, it's bound to get a little crazy in the next month or so trying to get it all done! Thankfully, as much as I want to participate in the challenge, I've learned to go with the flow a little better since becoming a mom, so if the room isn't 100% finished at the end I've promised myself I won't be too bummed. 

Photos of what the space currently looks like will come soon, but for now - here's some of the plans I have for the room!

MUST HAVE #1 - COLOR: As I mentioned, I'm looking to really go bold with the color in this room, because why not?! Here's some inspiration.

MUST HAVE #2 - PATTERN: We already have our queen bed from our first house in the room with our DIY upholstered headboard, but it's currently a boring beige color so I'm planning to spruce it up by recovering it in a large floral. I love this fabric as an option.

The other main piece of furniture in the room right now is Dan's old recliner, which he has begrudgingly agreed to *finally* let go so I can make the room pretty. The plan is to replace it with an upholstered wingback chair, which I currently have 2 of in the garage from staging our last house for selling. I grabbed the pair for $50 off of craigslist and haven't had success reselling them, so I'm planning to try painting one of them using one of the many tutorials that pop up in my Pinterest feed from time to time. 

The rest of the room will be rounded out by accessories I grabbed at Target and some easy art on the walls. I'm also brainstorming what we can do with the closet - right now there's not even a clothes bar in there, and depending on how the wingback fits in I may replace one of the nightstands with a small dresser for future guests.

So there it is - plans are on the blog so I have to at least try to make this whole makeover happen, right? Wish me luck!