One Room Challenge: The Before

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I'm participating in the One Room Challenge with Calling it Home and hundreds of other bloggers, and I've decided to take on our extra bedroom and pack it full of color and pattern! I posted some general plans for the room already, and today I'm sharing the "before" photos which are, well, a hot mess to say the least.


The bed is rarely made, especially since the munchkin spent most of September battling colds which means I spent most of September sleeping in her room with this mattress on the floor. (I'm fully aware that this is a little extreme, don't judge.) You can see the DIY headboard here, and I can't wait for it to be recovered with a bold floral!


The major mess in the room is our bins of winter clothes and newborn-3 month stuff that's already been outgrown (tear!). Usually the bins are stacked in the closet, but we've been having that infamous in-between Chicago weather where you never really know how to dress and that always means I end up pulling bins out of the closet in the morning when I'm chilly and digging around for a sweater. We moved the bins into our room this evening to start switching out seasonal clothes, so basically for the time being I've just created a huge mess in our room too ;). 

The hubs will be taking his recliner to work or try to sell it so the wingback I'm planning to paint can replace it, and the old Ikea Expedit shelf will likely go in the closet with some bins to organize things that we don't need all the time but don't want all the way in the basement.

Lots to do here, but I'm excited to get going this weekend when I have some more time! First up is finishing clearing the room out and picking a paint color, and I'm also planning to take a trip to the fabric store to see if I find something I like for the headboard so I can order online before too long if not.