One Room Challenge: Very (Very) Little Progress

My progress on the extra bedroom makeover has essentially been non-existent lately while I try to miraculously find time to paint the room, and given that this weekend is jam-packed full of Halloween fun, I don't see it happening anytime soon. I also hadn't really thought about the fact that the room is directly across from Adeline's, so while we get big stretches of evening time in between her bedtime and ours, we can't very well be making a ton of noise just a few feet from where she's sleeping just because I want to redo a room. I'm not all that surprised that painting a room we don't use isn't a top priority, but I do hope we'll manage to get it done soon since the rest of the room will be fairly easy to put together from there! We did recover the headboard in the floral fabric I originally planned for and while it looks lovely, I know it will look even more incredible with a moody green on the walls.

Part of the holdup is coming from us trying to get our big bathroom remodel going sooner than later - we've been talking about it since before the munchkin was born and struggled to find a contractor we were comfortable with. We have a family friend that's going to tackle it with Dan so while it's bound to take a little longer, it will finally be done! I spent a good chunk of today clearing the dresser in the big bathroom out and moving toiletries into our small master bath that we'll be using during the remodel. This also turned into purging our linen closet so medications and first aid supplies and whatnot from the big bathroom could be stored in there for awhile. 

Oddly enough, this all ties into the One Room Challenge since I decided that the dresser from the bathroom will go in the extra bedroom!

So yes, our big bathroom is big enough that I had a full sized dresser in there, which has been fantastic since the only storage when we moved in was the old (broken and gross) vanity. The hubs snagged this dresser from a church remodel before we even met, so it's been through a few moves with us and is one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our entire house. It's been great for toiletry organization, but I'm excited to put it back in a bedroom and have it there for a bit of extra storage and for guests to use!

Cross your fingers for me that we get a random burst of productive energy (and time) to get some paint on the walls so I don't completely fail the One Room Challenge! ;)