Stylish Baby Alert

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Our little munchkin will be 3 whole months old tomorrow, and since she's still a peanut she's just barely maxing out at 10 pounds these days, which means she's still in newborn clothes for the most part. There's a few 0-3 month pieces that have started to fit her, and basic newborn onesies are starting to get a little snug in the length, but in general she's still drowning in anything actually meant for her age. I'm quickly learning how brands run differently for baby clothes, just as they do for adults. Gap and Old Navy outfits tend to run large, which is a REAL bummer for me considering they have so many adorable clothes that I'd love to put on Adeline in this gorgeous weather we've been having. Overall, I've kept her wardrobe pretty basic considering we don't do a whole lot and she is still so tiny so collars and ruffles and things tend to overwhelm her little figure. But there's SO many cute items popping up on my Pinterest feed lately that I just had to do a little roundup! Above - Adeline's spring wardrobe... in my head that is. Enjoy!