Nate Berkus Killing it at Target

It's apparently been too long since I've scrolled through the pages of the Nate Berkus collection on Target's website, and the new stuff is AMAZEBALLS. Over the last week or so, I kept seeing a sweet blush pink armchair pop up on random Facebook ads and whatnot, and I finally clicked on it and then promptly squealed when I saw that it was Nate Berkus. I adore him. Absolutely adore. I was the crazy lady at Target the minute they opened the day the first collaboration collection came out, and I always love seeing what's new each season. 

As usual, the collection boasts lots of woven chunky textures, a hefty dose of gold, and sprinklings of other palettes (like the blush chair) mixed in to round it out. The chair is also available in a slipper style and I've decided I "have" to have it as my new desk chair at home. I've made a New Year's resolution to get my office/craft room in order once and for all this year (hopefully sooner than later), and it's going to require some serious purging that I'm not sure I'm ready for just yet. I figure if I get that done and the chair goes on sale a bit lower perhaps I'll reward myself with it ;).

Here's my favorites from the latest collection and a few oldies but goodies that are still available!


Shop the entire Nate Berkus line here!