The Minimalism Game

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My work bestie has challenged me and a couple other girls to join her in a February minimalism challenge via The Minimalists, and people, I cannot WAIT to get started tomorrow. The premise is pretty simple - for the entire month of February, you get rid of a number of things depending on the date... February 1 you get rid of 1 thing, on the 2nd you get rid of 2, and so on. When you get toward the end of the month I imagine it might get a little more difficult for some, but this girl has got some serious clutter to tackle so I don't actually think it's going to be that hard for me (outside of finding the actual time to clean and declutter each day). I may be eating those words come February 17th or so, but time will tell!

I've decided to tweak the game a bit to make it actually feasible for myself and will be gathering the proper number of items daily but only requiring myself to actually get them out of the house once a week (the game states that you must get the items out of the house by midnight each day but I know that I just wouldn't be able to commit to that if I want to properly donate my things). Gathering items throughout the week will also give me a fun little excuse to take a photo to blog about and show what I've gotten rid of, so I'm extra excited about that. 

Wanna join in?!