The Minimalism Game - Week 1

As I mentioned last week, a friend challenged me to take part in the February Minimalism Challenge, getting rid of a number of things every day based on the day of the month. Since we're at February 9th, that means I have collectively gotten rid of 72 things already, which is pretty awesome. A few things have gone to new homes or been recycled, and the bulk has been donated so hey! - there's a tax write-off incentive here to boot!

I've been taking this slowly and not terribly deliberately so far, meaning I sort of just stroll around a room or 2 each night (or in one day's case, my desk at work) and gather the proper number of things to take a quick picture of and post to the group. It hasn't been too difficult simply because I have SO. MUCH. STUFF. and the house is in desperate need of a good decluttering. But, as the days go by and the number of items to get rid of gets bigger, I'm forcing myself to MAKE it a little tougher and let things go that I feel a need to hang on to for one reason or another. Yesterday I pushed myself to toss an old makeup palette that I never use but have been keeping simply because it cost me a lot (though I bought it years ago, so I did get my money's worth out of it at least). The day before I got rid of 2 fleece robes that I adore... but don't adore as much as the others that I kept (apparently I hoard bathrobes?). I imagine as we get further into the month it will be increasingly challenging to choose things to let go, but I'm looking forward to being 406 unneeded items lighter in a few short weeks!